Корист од отпадака сапуна

Do not throw the remains of soap washing, but collect and store them in a special bag.

When loads of such pieces are filled, cut them into very thin leaves, pour water and boil. If you pour less water, you will get a dense mass that will, when cooled, harden into a larger soap mold. As long as the mass of the spring is poured into a tin box, you should first place a damp piece of cloth.


If on soap, cut into sheets, you pour more water, you will get, when you are soaked, liquid soap very good to wash your hands. Keep this liquid soap in the smaller bottle.

When the soap is lying in a dry, it is less wasted than when it remains in a rubber box or in a glass bowl in which little water is left behind. For the sake of saving, hold the soap on the rubber surface, which has holes and side teeth.

The soap is lavish and long lasting if it shows resistance when it is pressed with a finger. If the pressure drops from the pressure in the soap, the soap will be quickly consumed.



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