„Фудбал некад и сад“ у сусрет Светском првенству у фудбалу

Van Hoydonk arrived in Nis thanks to Nenad Grozdic. His idea is to spread knowledge and get some guidance from Van Hoydonk, which should be based on a European football school. Their cooperation began in 1999 when they played in the same team Vitese, when they became friends.

It is always good when training young people is used to knowing and working with people who have played in several teams, and then they can use various tips and ideas from various „cuisine“ , said Dutch national Van Hoydonk.

For many years, Van Hoydonk added, Serbia has created a lot of good players.

He remembers the matches when Radnicki beat the Dutch, or the Feyenoord Rotterdam team 2-0. These days, there was not so much football on television, so it was a great excitement for a boy to watch the European Championship. When they drove from the airport to Nis, he talked about this game and remembered even the color of the jersey and the day of the week.


Asked what was missing in the Netherlands to be the champion of the world, he answered that the situations in which they were closest to the gold medal at the World Cup were simply such. But the list of success is calculated, semifinals, fourth in the World Cup, final, third in the world and that is something to be proud of at https://helmii.com.

The former nationalist says football was not a world sport just like it is today. It is a team sport, but it also says that it has become an individual sport, the influence of money is a big factor as the social media.

To remind, he will stay on April 12th and 13th at „Chair“ where he will teach the youth clubs of Nis club in Nis.




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