Slovo Juga English Edition

Slovo Juga English Edition is postponed for 2023 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, or in other words, when the receptive tourism in Serbia is re-established. Until then, you can read the previous edition in electronic form in the Slovo Juga Readers’ Club.

* * *

We are happy to present our readers with a new English edition that we are starting thanks to the enthusiasm of our whole team. This new edition is the result of great efforts by the editorial team and many contributors. Slovo juga is a magazine dedicated to promotion and revitalization of Serbian heritage through authentic stories about important people, folk tradition, customs, old times…

These are mainly historical stories, old anecdotes, stories about important families or other exclusive stories… Slovo Juga Readers’ Club allows you to follow and read the magazine using our website. Explore Serbian heritage from the comfort of your home. Create your free account at Slovo Juga Readers’ Club.

With Gratitude,

Dragan Ilić
Editor in chief